Coming to assembly88: Gitman Bros, Topo Designs, and Shinola Watches. Three brands that manufacture their products right here in the U.S.A. Here at assembly88, domestically produced goods are something that we are extremely passionate about. We strongly believe that Gitman Bros, Topo Designs, and Shinola Watches are stellar examples of the quality of American manufactured goods. The following is a brief rundown of each company’s history, and the products that they offer.

Gitman Bros: a dress shirt manufacturer based in Ashland, Pennsylvania. This company has been making men’s dress shirts right here in PA since the 1930s. After relocating from New York, The Gitman Shirt and Pajama Co. began manufacturing woven shirts for many of the top brands in the industry. In 1978 they decided to make a name for themselves, and created their own label “Gitman Bros”. Today they are one of the coolest and most sought brands in the business, and best of all they are made right in assembly88’s home state. Gitman Bros proudly employs 3rd and 4th generation shirt makers. The knowledge and skill that has been handed down throughout the generations is what gives Gitman Bros shirts the quality that they are becoming famous for. Their story couldn’t be more in line with what we stand for at assembly88.

Topo Designs: a small outdoor company. They produce shirts, shorts, pants, water bottles, hats, and most notably bags, all inside their hometown of Denver, Colorado. Diversely colored nylon, heavy duty zippers and fixtures, and out of door functionality are all wonderful facets of their domestically produced products. Topo takes a minimalist approach to their products. Everything has a purpose. Functionality, creative colors, and best of all a life time guarantee make Topo Designs a logical fit for assembly88.

Shinola Watches: a shoe polish brand reborn as a watch maker. Shinola proudly produce all of their watches in the city of Detroit, a fact that they never fail to mention. In March of 2013, Shinola introduced their first watch, “The Runwell”. Available in 47mm and 40mm, The Runwell is the first watch of its type to be produced in the United States since the 1960s. Since its launch, The Runwell has been joined by additional styles, The Birdy, The Gomelsky, The Runwell Chronograph, The Runwell Sport, The Runwell Sport Chrono and The Brakeman. Along with watches, Shinola also produces leather journals, and bicycles. Due to the fact that Shinola will be a new brand to assembly88, we will be leaving the bicycles off of our first order 😉