Vineyard Vines is a company born out of passion: passion for “the good life”.

Once upon a time, Vineyard Vines founders, Shep and Ian Murray worked on Madison Ave. While holding down their full time jobs, the duo started producing and selling neck ties. The now all too familiar tag line is that they started “selling ties so that they no longer had to wear them”. The original Vineyard Vines ties were sold in Martha’s Vineyard, on weekends, out of the back of the brothers’ Jeep.

One vineyard weekend in July, they sold over 800 ties. After that, the brothers decided that it was time to quit their nine to five jobs are start focusing solely on Vineyard Vines. Ian Murray says that Vineyard Vines was built around the concept of taking “the good life to work with us.”

40 stores, 8 outlets, and 97 retailers later, it would seem like the Murray brothers are enjoying more of “the good life” than ever. Their iconic pink whale has become coveted by college students, business men, vacationers, and most recently professional golfers around the country. Now, at long last, Vineyard Vines can also be coveted by residents of the Lehigh Valley.

assembly88 is proud to be offering Vineyard Vines, and the good life, to all of you. 🙂