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Assembly 88


Over the last few years Vuori has become a prominent brand in assembly88.

Vuori describes itself as making “premium performance apparel inspired by the active Coastal California lifestyle; an integration of fitness, surf, sport, and art.” Vuori clothing is designed for the consumer that appreciates premium performance, subtle logos and understated designs that exude confidence. The clothing is VERY comfortable and are cut in ways that compliment your moving body rather than restrain it. A wide variety of styles you need for travel, training, running, yoga, or your water-based lifestyle, assembly88 has everything in stock you may need.

Our top selling styles at assembly88 include the Kore and Banks Shorts, the Sunday Jogger, the Meta Pant, the Strato Tech collection including T-shirts and Polos, and the Ponto collection including Joggers, Crews, Shorts and Half-Zip Hoodies and all are made from their signature DreamKnit™ fabric

All of Vuori’s apparel is made from the highest quality materials, with ethical manufacturing and fair trade labor practices. It’s challenging making decisions as an eco-friendly and sustainable apparel brand, but Vuori is committed to using 80% sustainable materials over the next couple years. That goal is already closing in since Vuori is using high-quality materials such as REPREVE (polyester derived from plastic bottles) and ECONYL (nylon derived from fishing nets). They also use certified organic cotton to eliminate any pesticides in the fibers touching our bodies.

I’ve learned firsthand over the years Vuori is a company built more on product and brand reputation and less on splashy marketing and designs. The focus is on high quality and performing styles that customers fall in love with and come back for more colors. Vuori cares about its carbon footprint, and the clothing is designed to look like something you actually want to wear which makes it the top seller it is in assembly88.

Stop in or place an order online at to learn firsthand why Vuori has become such a prominent brand and why it should find a home in your closet!